Blinding Diamonds


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At SHAMAS BVBA, we sell ONLY NATURAL DIAMONDS and NON-CONFLICT DIAMONDS. All of our employees are trained and certified, ready to provide you with excellent service for your every need.

We at Shamas Bvba, are the Proud Official Ambassador of Diamonds & Diamond Jewellery by The Province of Antwerp, Belgium.

We have been successfully operating in Europe for over 30 years. We are known as a Trusted and Reliable supplier of Polished Diamonds to our Diamond Wholesalers and Jewellery Manufacturers.

We specialise in Top makes-

Round and Fancy shape Diamonds in White Diamonds

Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Brown Diamonds

Treated Black/Coloured Diamonds


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Blinding Diamonds

Custom Jewelry Design

Viewing Of Diamonds & Diamond Jewellery.

As a member of the Diamond Beurs, SHAMAS BVBA guarantees trustworthy sales of Polished Diamonds & Diamond Jewellery. We have been established in Europe for over 30 years.

We are proud to be, an Official Ambassador of Diamonds & Diamond Jewelery by The Province Of Antwerp.

We also do assessments and appraisals of Diamonds & Diamond Jewellery, for our clients. These are performed by a team of our experts using the most advanced technical and gemological equipment in the business.

Contact us today for appointments for viewings and to purchase Diamonds or Diamond Jewellery.

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